About us

About Us

By grace of God and sincere supports from our well wisher, We as “ALANG Shipping Services Private Limited” Would like introduce ourselves.

Since September 1997, we are serving to our various valued principals/ ship owners / managers / operators in capacity of Shipping Agents at Port of Alang, India. Our first attended vessel was namely M/V. “Ocean Guard” At Port of Alang, which arrived on 30.09.1997 for delivery to her buyers for demolition.

The inception of the company was with name and style as “ALANG Shipping Services” a proprietary firm. The proprietor was Mr. Jayesh Rajnikant Sonpal, with sufficient and adequate knowledge of Port / Custom / Delivery formalities and Repatriation of Crew members, while attending the vessels in capacity of “Shipping Agents” behalf of ship owners. The company was having sufficient and well conversant staff members, Sr. executives and directors for attending day today attendance to the vessels as well as principals.

During the mid of 2000, it was decided to expand the business activities and start new Shipping company and accordingly, the new company established with name and style of “ALANG Shipping Services Private Limited” and was incorporated under Indian companies act on July 03, 2000.

The company started under the blessing of Shree (late) Rajnikant S. Sonpal (Founder, Chairman) and Shree (late) Bhaskarbhai P. Shah (Guru) and presenting under following management:

Mr. Jayesh R. Sonpal
Mr. Bhavesh R. Sonpal

The company enjoys reputation for excellence services, integrity, dedication and protecting best and all interests of principals.

The motivation to start with a new all kind of company was to meet the challenges for handling of various types of vessels and cargoes also with the trademark of “Anything / everything for / from demolition vessels”, plus to attend the Ship’s Agency Services at all west and east coast Ports of INDIA, The company is having residence representatives and associate offices at all above Ports and accordingly the company attended first vessel namely M/V “Prime” at Port of Alang on September 02, 2000.

Till date, over 500 vessels attended behalf various ships owners of various countries namely, Greece, U.S.A., U.K., U.A.E., Chile, Italy, Germany, Taiwan, Turkey, China, Croatia, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, Holland, Canada, Costa Rica, Norway, Denmark, Poland and many more inclusive of Indian. Over and above while attending the vessels, have always tried our best to safeguard the interests in all respects of principals and are holding masters’ certificates for at most satisfactory services to the vessel’s / Ship’s officials and crew members, till their bone voyage to their respective home towns. Similarly while attending Cargo vessels / tugs up to clearance from the Ports.

As you are aware that Shipping industries is an enterprise of huge magnitude and to be one of the participants, can never be possible without the support, guidance, faith, confidence and encouragement from all concerns nooks and corners. Therefore, we take this opportunity to record our sincere thanks to all those who directly or indirectly helped us in making our position as leading Shipping Agents at Port of Alang and other east /west coast Ports of INDIA.

During very sort of span, we are known for our integrity, tradition and professionalism. We are also known for offering solutions as part of our services at Port of Alang, our principals who have relied upon while appointing us as their Agents for final delivery of their various types of vessels for scrapping / demolition, which arrived under her own power or under tow. Therefore, should occasion arise, we are always and will be always for you, ready to act as your Shipping Agents. We know very well our ways around the Indian Ports particularly about Alang, India.

Best Wishes : JAYSAINATH

Please Contact us for: Any Thing / everything for / From Demolition Vessel And All Kind of Ship Agency Services..........*** Leading Shipping Agents at Alang / Bhavnagar For Attending Demolition Vessels Also Having Residence Representatives and Associate Offices at East & West Coast Ports of India..... 
About Us

Since September 1997, we are serving to our various valued principals/ ship owners / managers / operators in capacity of Shipping Agents at Port of Alang, India.

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